Tilos Rádió 90.3 online television
Tilos Radio is a non-profit, community radio station that has been broadcasting, with difficulties sometimes, to Budapest for nearly 20 years. Started as a pirate station, it is now a non-profit civil foundation which broadcasts 24/7 all year round on 90.3FM to Budapest and online to the world. The shows are made by volunteers and incorporate a wide range of musical genres and tastes, just as its contributors and listeners have a wide range of tastes and interests themselves. Because of its very nature and its groundbreaking origins within Hungary, Tilos Radio is one of the top 5 radio stations in Budapest, without being commercial or state-sponsored.
Ouvir Tilos Rádió 90.3 Rádio online grátis Hungria / Adult Contemporary / Música pop / Alternativa. Tilos Rádió 90.3 Rádio ao vivo gratuito na internet.

Sobre Tilos Rádió 90.3

Tilos Rádió 90.3 4.6/5 - 3 Votos

Localização: Hungria / Adult Contemporary / Música pop / Alternativa
Número de telefone: +36 1 215 3773
Endereço: Tilos Kulturális Alapítvány, Budapest, 1085
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