Adom FM 106.3 online television
Adom FM started operations in April 2000 after Multimedia Broadcasting Company Ltd bought Groove FM which was then based in Osu. The station was then relocated to Tema where it has been ever since.
Since 2000, the station has grown from an initial staff strength of 13 to a current number of 80.
Ouvir Adom FM 106.3 Rádio online grátis Gana / Música local / Euro Hits. Adom FM 106.3 Rádio ao vivo gratuito na internet.

Sobre Adom FM 106.3

Adom FM 106.3 2.9/5 - 470 Votos

Localização: Gana / Música local / Euro Hits
Número de telefone: +233-030-3204354
Endereço: Nako Fashion Building, Aggrey Road, Community II
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